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FLAIR (fler) n. m. French noun (from the verb “flairer”).
• 1 Ability to perceive through scent.
• 2 FIG. Instinctive ability to foresee, devine. Clairvoyance, intuition, foresight. Having ‘flair’ (cf. having a good nose)
« cela ne se voyait point de façon manifeste, éclatante ; mais, avec son flair inquiet, elle le sentait et le devinait. » MAUPASSANT.

English noun.
1. A special or instinctive aptitude or ability for doing something well.
2. Stylishness and originality.

FLAIR n. p. – 2012
Fragrance creation studio – The free-spirited nose of Fragrance creativity.



At FLAIR Fragrance Creation Studio, our vocation is to imagine, suggest, explore and finally to craft innovative and creative fragrance. FLAIR works with Fragrance professionals, brands, designers and individuals – quite simply anyone looking to find a signature fragrance to precisely fulfil their desires. FLAIR’s perfumers work «nose-to-nose» with their clients. There are no middle men. True relationships are built, based on a mutual bond of trust that makes each and every project unique. Trial fragrances are fine-tuned, adjusted and enriched with new suggestions or new versions in order to match a client’s aspirations as closely as possible. FLAIR is an independent Fragrance Creation studio that works closely with Laboratories (Be Have, Elixens, Firmenich, IFF, Mane…). This allows us to pick and choose the finest natural or synthetic raw materials, as well as the rarest and most unusual.

“En olfaction, personne n’a tort, personne n’a raison. C’est l’émotion qui parle.” M. Schlienger

“In olfaction, nobody is wrong, nobody is right. Emotions are talking.” M. Schlienger






FLAIR , fragrance creation studio, exercises its expertise in other areas than the pure perfumery . The world of aroma , oenology , the fragrant world of florists, the one of the “creators” … are all lands on which FLAIR may interact to share feelings and emotions through words, images, and all forms of expression of the olfactory universe. Create an innovative mode of communication. Academy of fragrant knowledges FLAIR proposes to serve these sectors with its knowledge of the perfume «language» to trigger curiosity and desire of the audience to promote the products. Businesses that revolve around the flavors, smells are converging. They all derive from the land , its wealth and diversity of what it produces (countless and delicate simplicity of fruits, flowers, plants for example). Senses craftman, FLAIR offers added value to their products, stories combining technical nature and poetry.


Dare to imagine a fragrance worn like a second skin !
Created by you and for you, the bespoke fragrance is hand stitched by FLAIR. The unbridled creativity of the olfactory studio takes traits of your character , your personality colors to weave a single wake, to build a personal and intimate cultivated land.
Here’s how:
– During the first appointment , the FLAIR’s perfumer discovers his interlocutor. He makes him talk about his taste, what he likes to see , drink, eat , practice. A questionnaire like Proust is submitted and will become the breadcrumb of the fragrance to come.
– At the second appointment , the perfumer proposes two fragrances from the questionnaire answers that has scrutinized his reflection, creativity and expertise. The formula having the best feedback is selected, evaluated , analyzed … Up to the perfumer to then refine and perfect it in order to present it to the next appointment.
– During the third appointment the fragrance is delivered to the recipient , available in three different versions: extract ( 15ml ) Eau de Parfum ( 50ml ) Eau de Toilette (50ml)




As a little girl, I lived a simple, peaceful life in France between the Landes beaches and the green fields of Picardy, where the air was filled with the sweet scents of cut wheat, Barbour jackets, earth, grease, sand, pine resin, horse dung and sun-dried grass… My nose was already alive, drinking it all in, even if I wasn’t really aware of it at the time.
After 3 years spent studying cosmetology, where fragrance was covered only briefly, I decided I simply had to know more about this “concentrate.” My first proper introduction to the world of fragrance came when I met the founder of Cinquième Sens, Monique Schlienger, in 2002. And something magical happened between fragrance, Monique and myself.
Working as an apprentice perfumer under her guidance for 3 years, I began to create my own “ranges,” working alongside my colleague Anne Sophie Behaghel. Binary, tertiary and quaternary accords were followed by Cologne compositions. Bringing together methyl salicylate, cedar and iris, I was able to recreate the olfactory signature of the fields of my childhood. It was a revelation! Soon, Monique Schlienger gave me free reign to fully express myself through scents.
I stayed on at Cinquième sens as perfumer and trainer for a further 7 years.
Following an olfactory meeting of minds with Martine Denisot, we decided to create FLAIR. Over and above fragrance, we share the same passion for the history, beauty and delicateness of raw materials.


I was born in Paris, with the all-pervasive smell of concrete and the Metro in my nostrils. Growing up, my childhood nose had to resort to subterfuge to cope, inhaling the fragrances friends would leave in their wake when they came to visit, the smell of washing powder – different in every household – or my grandmother’s hachis parmentier on Wednesdays…
Surprised and saddened that this sense was in no way developed or even mentioned at school, I soon threw myself into my own education on these everyday smells. Monique Schlienger’s overwhelming passion for fragrance embraced me like a musk. Thanks to her, I was able to discover just how far my little girl’s instinctive nose could mature. After 9 years working as a trainer, perfumer and evaluator at Cinquième Sens, I decided it was time for me to experience some of the world’s major companies and so I accepted a position in sales at Firmenich and then moved on to become an evaluator at Symrise.
Soon, I was reunited with my fellow Cinquième Sens alumna, Amélie Bourgeois. We understand each other instinctively, as if in the blink of a nose!
And so here I am at FLAIR.


I come from a literary background and have worked in communication and travel. My predilection for olfactory raw materials emerged very young, when I was seen to «sniff» my beautiful grandmother’s ivory kidskin glove – an unforgettable memory! Years later, I was lucky enough to spend a sabbatical year in a major Paris fragrance laboratory. I literally got drunk on the finest raw materials. I breathed them in, I dissected and devoured them, blended, mixed and memorised them. Off came the lid and… wow! The orangey note of methyl anthranylate hit my nose – the memory of my grandmother’s glove came flooding back! It was when I met Amélie Bourgeois that I decided to come back to fragrance. Her vibrant, refined perfumer’s expertise simply resonates with my «nose to the wind» curiosity. To FLAIR I bring my own particular take on the world, a way of combining olfaction and retro-olfaction, scents and «flavours», the taste of perceivable beauty, the unusual and, more reassuringly, eternal and enduring nature…


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