Art. Perfume.

In an effort to promote perfume as an art, Flair decided to engage in research. "It seems important to us to make progress and to take part in this development. The qualification of perfume as an art, in the same way as architecture, music, comics or literature, is not only the consideration of our creative work, but above all a way to raise awareness of the extent and potential education of a major sense that makes the richness of our daily lives. And we are delighted that Sandra is accompanying us in this process".


If olfactory art is not new, more and more artists are turning to the experience of the nose, but this requires a particular know-how, that of a perfumer. One observation: there is no clearly defined place for these elaborations. Flair proposes to be this creative link.

Why Flair ?

"In addition to their know-how and their talent, which is no longer to be proven, it is the human qualities of listening and consideration that touched me at Flair. I have heard of too many collaborations that did not take the time to appreciate the stakes of artistic creation. The smell in what is called "olfactory art" is not incidental. It is part of the work, as well as the forms or colors. It must be cared for. I found this consideration in Flair. And I think it's related to the creative freedom that animates, in their own way, each member of the team."

Sandra Barré

Perfume, an art ?

« Beauty is attainable in perfumery and reveals something that allows certain breaths to touch the sublime »


« Each fragrance is a singular interpretation of an understanding of the world and is translated into emotion. This is one of the definitions of art, isn't it? »


« Yes, perfume is an art, just like music, painting or sculpture. »


« As soon as there is creation, there is art. »


Logo Prix FLAIR

Flair Award for Contemporary Art


The Flair Award for Olfactory Art was born from the initiative of the Flair perfume creation studio and its desire to support the development of olfactory art. Noting the sensory turn of our time and particularly observing the emergence of productions and research on the presence of odors in art since the beginning of the twentieth century, it seemed quite natural to the Flair studio to participate in the deployment of these practices linking art, odors and perfume.

Committed to all artists wishing to approach the olfactory dimension, the flair prize aims to promote and enhance the richness and plurality of experiences that the handling of scents allows.

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