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Amélie Bourgeois

One asset
An inexhaustible creativity.
One value
One substance


The smell has always been a refuge for me. As a child, I would bathe in it. I let my nose get lost in the wheat fields or in the coat of the horses I was riding. Dreamy, I found in what I breathed the source of intimate and formidable journeys. And I still do. I breathe in and out.

The refuge turned into a home when I met Monique Schlienger, an intrepid perfumer. With her and my long-time companion Anne-Sophie Behaghel, I learned the basics.

After ten years of experience, I decided, thanks to the support of Martine Denisot, to launch my own creative studio, Flair. Well surrounded, a single objective emerged: to create without limits.

Anne-Sophie Behaghel

One asset
One value
One substance


I grew up in Paris, city of hot asphalt and crowded subways. As a child sticking his nose everywhere, I knew very early that I wanted to be a nose. After a long and difficult journey, Monique Schlienger, gives the change to my pugnacity and trains me. Amélie quickly joined me in my training. I find in her the best of accomplices. Amélie likes refined and sophisticated compositions, I like the elusive smells that shake things up.

Olfactory abstraction is essential for me. It guides my formulas. Smell allows me not to understand everything. I like to dive into its unspeakable sensations and shape them, to create a juice from which, I hope each time, one cannot detach the nose.

Camille Chemardin

One asset
One value
One substance
Virginia cedar or artichoke.


At a very young age, my heart was torn between becoming a perfumer or Indiana Jones in a petticoat. The two could be linked: my passion for history and adventure quickly found its happiness in bottles. Everything went very quickly. As a passionate student, I entered Flair as an intern at the age of 20 and I stayed there. I was so happy there that I sometimes went more to the studio than to class.

Amélie and Anne-Sophie have perpetuated our collaboration by emphasizing my rigor, my precision and my curiosity for the perfumes of yesteryear. And it's true that I love the idea of the secret perfume that has been nurtured for centuries. There is something very mysterious about the manipulation of juices that blossoms somewhere between witchcraft and science.

Sandra Barré

One asset
One value
One substance
The violet.


I came to smell through art, and particularly through the aesthetic and artistic experience that it is possible to have while breathing. Breathing refers to the body, it is the body that smells, in both senses of the term. It inhales and exhales.

To write and theorize the history of art through smell is to create other codes and to shake up pre-established dogmas. To consider smell is to question what the eye sees, it is to prove that it is not the only one to hold the knowledge and it is to question all our oculocentric system where the eye is king.

"I strongly believe that we are neither male nor female, just a living body." Paul B. Preciado.

Martine Denisot

One asset
One value
One substance
The narcissus.


My connivance with fragrant raw materials began very early, when I "sniffed" the ivory kid glove of a very pretty grandmother. Unforgettable.

Years later, I have the privilege of spending time in the laboratory of a great Parisian perfumer. I literally get drunk on the most beautiful raw materials. I sniffed them in all directions, deconstructed them, devoured them, intertwined them, mixed them and printed them. When I met Amélie Bourgeois, my curiosity was matched by her keen and fine expertise as a perfumer. I bring to FLAIR my particular imagination.

Margaux Le Paih-Guérin

Le Paih-Guérin

One asset
One value
Open minded.
One substance
Iris and suderal


You could almost say that I was born in a perfume flask. My mother founded an independent perfumery shop in Bretagne and ran it for 10 years. I grew up with the perfumes, from the classics of the 20th century to the creations of the early 2000s. I was fascinated by these people looking for their olfactive identity. I was dreaming about this day, when I will be able to create this magical liquides, vectors of deep emotions.


Becoming a perfumer was quite obvious. What I really like is the « free spirit » creation, the one which allows you to go beyond the « sent-bon » and turns towards experimental juices. This is also why I love working with plastic artists. With brands, the conceptual dimension is sometime different. The passionate part of this work is to put yourself into the shoes of the brand’s consumer and to catch the brand’s DNA. I always try to create something unusual, find this little twist which will give a unique aura to the perfume.

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